WordPress SEO Course

WordPress is a great tool for publishing your content, but out of the box it is NOT 100% optimised for SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a video course to show people how to move through the step by step process I use to setup my clients sites for the best SEO.

This post is a toe in the water to see if this course is required. If I get enough response I’ll create the course and make it available as a downloadable video course.

What Will I Be Teaching?

I’ll be showing people who sign up my step by step approach to making your site as appealing to the search engines as possible.

This is what I have done on my own and numerous client sites, I know it works, I’ve got multiple posts at position one in Google.  These posts send me a ton of free traffic.

Who Is It For?

This course will be for people who’s want more organic traffic to their site through on-site white hat only techniques (no spamming or underhand tactics here).

It’s not technically demanding, but it involves a number of techniques that change the way your site talks to the search engines.

The Format

I will be building a members only site where you can get access to the video tutorials, supporting content and support from me.

Planned Modules

Here are the  five modules I’m planning on covering:

SEO Overview – what is it and how it can help you bring more people to your site

WordPress SEO Config –  the WordPress config changes and plugins that make all the difference

Optimising Posts and Pages – how to ensure your message is correctly understood by the search engines, whilst maintaining human being readability

Keyword Research – learn what keywords people are searching for in your niche, and plug them into your site.

Monitoring Your Efforts – once you’ve done all the hard work, how can you be sure your changes have made a difference, I’ll show you how to monitor your SEO efforts.

UPDATE: Course Running This Week

You can sign up for this no cost webinar from the register link below




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