WordPress Training

One of the things I like most about my business is teaching people how to use WordPress.

I often get people coming to me and asking for a  session to teach them how to solve a problem rather than passing the problem to me to solve.  I’ve always been happy to oblige.

I am seeing more and more demand from people asking me to help them learn how to solve their WordPress issues, so I am adding a new service to my portfolio; WordPress training.

How My Training Works

I use a tool called GotoMeeting to create a virtual meeting between us.  This tool allows me to share my computer screen with you over the internet,  Using this feature I can take you through your problem area and show you how to solve your problem.  If you like we can connect to your live site and I will show you how to fix the problem in real-time.

All of my training sessions are bespoke and tailored to you so you get exactly the training session you need.

Book A Session

If you would like a training session, check out my new services page

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