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Photo by Bexross
Photo by Bexross

One of the functions of WordPress many newbies miss is the post later function.

What is The Post Later Function?

In a nutshell it allows you to write a post, and set a publish date some time in the future or even the past (more on that later).

Why Would You Use That?

Rather than rattling out a large number of posts and publishing them all in one go, you can write a post, set a date in the future to make your article available.

Some people also use this function topublish at an optimum time.  For example if the blogger lives in one time zone and the majority of his or her readers live in another, it makes sense to publish in line with the reader time zone.

How Do I use the Function

Here is a screen dump from a wordpress 2.7 blog (this on in fact).  By default the publish time is set to immediately, but if you click on edit, you can set the date and time of  publication.


Going Back In Time

You can also set posts to be published in the past, I have used this for blogs which are building an archive of how to articles that don’t want to interupt the flow of more topical posts.

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