Zferal For New Referral Program

I’ve been trying to find a suitable system for my referral program for some time now and I think I have found it in Zferral.

What I Need From A Referral Program

I need a couple of things, this is why my search has taken so long

1) The ability to reward my existing clients with a reward for the referral, many people have suggested they would prefer free support rather than money.

2) The ability to provide a monetary reward to internet marketers who want to refer me.

Enter Zferral

Zferral is a software as a service system which allows you to create an affilaite program.

There is no need for sofyware isntalls and it is a fraction of the cost of services such as Commision Junction.

Zferral is brilliant it allows me to deal with both types of reward, monetary and none monetary.  So I am currently offering a referral fee of $10 per wordpress technical support quotation request or 30 minutes of free technical support. The referrer can choose which campaign they prefer.

Zferral also allows me to supply twitter links, banner ads and the ability to create an automated email list of affiliates so I can send out updates to my “team” to tell them how best to promote my service.

Sign Up For My Referral Program

If you are interested in taking up wither of my offers, please visit my affiliate page for more details

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